AED Training

Sudden Cardiac death is now the number one killer in Ireland. It can strike anyone, not just the elderly, overweight or infirm. Now you can learn how to provide assistance to a casualty in the event of an incident involving sudden cardiac arrest.

Automated External Defibrillator is a computer-based device that can

  • Analyse the heart rhythm
  • Recognise a shockable rhythm
  • Advises the operator whether person should be shocked
  • Provide appropriate shock to the patient

Course Objective: Learn to recognise the signs and symptoms Learn the correct operations of AED (using your own device if available) Find out when it is appropriate to use the device using our training unit

Target Audience: all who are:

  • Required by their company to operate the AED on a patient
  • Club members with responsibility for emergency first response for incident
  • Family members where there is a risk/history of cardiac arrest

This half-day course is limited to 6 students per instructor. Our instructors have full Irish Heart Foundation/American Heart Foundation accreditation.

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